Thursday, December 6, 2012

Review of To Tempt an Irish Rogue by Kaitlin O'Riley

Paulette Hamilton loves working in her family's London bookshop. Strong-willed and sharp-witted, she hopes to one day open a second shop, and she won't let romantic follies get in her way. But the best laid plans have never met such a handsome Irish widower with a dubious history. Declan Reeves came to London with his young daughter to escape his life in Ireland. Though he's vowed to never marry again, he quickly falls prey to the tempting blue eyes of fair-haired Paulette. But her family is suspicious of his past, and before he can make her his wife, he must travel to Ireland to vindicate his reputation. Torn between honour and desire, Declan and Paulette launch a perilous search for the truth. Whether it lies in the past or a present beyond their control, it's their only hope for a future together.


To Tempt an Irish Rogue by Kaitlin O'Riley is an exciting historical romance blends sweet and heat together for a book I was not able to put down. I loved how close knit Paulette and her sisters were even when they were unhappy with one another. Everything about this book is exactly how I imagined London in the 1800's to be, down to the language and the way they dress. My favorite thing about this book was that a bookstore played such a large part in the overall storyline. There was nothing about this book that disappointed and I can definitely see myself rereading this wonderful book again.

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