Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Excerpt of ShadowLove--Stalkers by Claudy Conn


He had to interfere with Shawna’s future …
The alternative was, for him, unthinkable.

“Excuse me.” Shawna sidestepped the big hunk of a man, who seemed to purposely get in her way, and started across the street.

Chadwick MacFare fell into a clipped walk beside her, and his voice was low but intense. “Listen to me, Shawna Wellsly—you are in terrible danger, and you know it. I know it. They might not know where you are yet, but eventually they will find you.”

You’re nuts,” Shawna scoffed as she kept on walking—faster then before.

He didn’t miss a step. “You know otherwise.”

“Get away from me before I call the cops.”

“You won’t do that. It would draw attention to yourself—and you can’t afford that.” Suddenly he had her shoulders in his large hands. His green eyes stared hard into her silver pools. “Just stop!”

“Stop! You are a total stranger, talking nonsense, and I am warning you …” Shawna grimaced at him. “Get your hands off me.”

* * *

He gave it up. The way he saw it, at least for the moment she was not in any immediate danger, even though he had seen more than the ordinary numbers of vampires since he had arrived last night. He could try again later, but not too much later, not with the vision he had still taunting him.

This time he had to succeed. He had to interfere with Shawna’s future.

The alternative was, for him, unthinkable.


Claudy Conn
Paranormal Romance author

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