Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Owlet Dream Cast by Emma Michaels

Out of my entire dream cast for the Society of Feathers series there has always been one character where I knew exactly which actor I feel would be able to embody him perfectly. I think Terrence Mann would make a phenomenal Nathaniel. Nathaniel is Iris grandfather and has a strange mix of being both a ‘tender old soul’ and extremely young at heart. He is so vibrant and always thinking one step ahead of everyone else around him, making his place *cough no spoilers – but if you have read it you know what I am hinting :p* the perfect standing for him.

Of all of the characters his aves is the most unique in terms of its creation. With many of the bird-type souls I used theoretical reasoning to decide what traits might cross over - but with Nathaniel’s I used a more literal idea. The idea of his aves is transfixed on his always ending up in a position of power but always refusing to use the power he is given because he feels it would be abusive towards others. If it weren’t in his core nature to be who he is, as all others before him with his aves, it more than likely would have ended up being another aves that was considered for deathborns.
Terrence Mann always has a way of capturing your attention and your heart. He has done both television and theater acting and can do that immense intensity that reels you in until all you want to do is hear the words he speaks and feel what he is feeling even without realizing it. He really is one of my favorite actors; even if he isn’t wildly well known I feel that he should be. When he is acting, all it takes is one look in his eyes and you don’t see Terrence Mann, you see the character he is playing, the emotions he wants you to feel, and more than that, the rich history he has woven into his heart to make the character come alive.

Truly, if I was given one thing I could choose if Owlet was ever made into a movie, it would be casting Terrence Mann as Nathaniel.

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