Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Interview with Jennifer August, author of Enlightened

1. If someone looked at your browsing history right now, what kind of
things would we find.
Big Fish, GSN Casino, MSN, Facebook and Zynga

2. If you could write about any subject that is near and dear to your
heart, what would it be and why?
I'd write about my family growing up. It was just me, my brother and my parents. We were a military family and traveled all over so it was often just us in strange places. I've lost my brother and dad in the last couple of years and I'm afraid of those memories slipping away, too. I'd like something for my son to read later on in life when it would amuse him and he'd be a bit more nostalgic.

3. Do you have a favorite song, album, or playlist to write to?
Phantom of the Opera. I listen to that almost every day. The few times I try to write without it generally don't work out so well. I have also experimented with the soundtrack to Les Mis but it doesn't have the same effect.

4. What was the first thing you did after the debut of the first book you wrote?
I had a celebration dinner at On The Border, my favorite Mexican restaurant. I had a margarita. Or two!

5. What is your biggest pet peeve?
Haters and nay-sayers. In this business we get rejection from all fronts. I don't think we should get it from our contemporaries. There is enough space for all of us in the publishing world and to ridicule, harass or otherwise put-down a fellow author is very uncool. Especially if it's for some reason that's as stupid as not liking the genre they write. So what. Don't read it. But that's not a reason to put someone down and belittle them. We should support each other, not tear each other down.

6. Do you have any guilty pleasures?
Reality TV. I LOVE America's Next Top Model (except I hated the new college season. The girls were stupid and whiny and the judging panel sucked - except Kelly Catrone. Love her. I hate the new rating system, too. Oops, another pet peeve!) I also love Project Runway. And Baseball! On the food side of guilty pleasures, I adore a double dip of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream from Braums every once in a while. Or once a week.

7. What was your favorite book as a teen?
The Flame and the Flower by Kathleen Woodiwiss

8. If an aspiring writer asked for advice what would you tell them?
Write every day, listen to yourself above all others, it's YOUR book and your ideas. If someone tells you that you can't write that, do it anyway. Believe in yourself and your work. Hone your craft constantly. Steer clear of negativity. Get into a good critique group or partnership but don't be afraid to get out of a bad one.

9. What is the one thing that scares you more than anything else?
That I won't get all the stories out of my head and onto the page before they disappear. I have entire notebooks filled with story ideas that I haven't gotten around to. Every time I pull it out, I get the itch to jump projects!

10. What book are you reading right now?
Heather Graham's The Presence, Debbie Macomber's God's Guest List and Donald Maass' How to Write the Breakout Novel.

Optional questions :)

Favorite Meal:
Guacamole Live and Chicken Fajitas from On The Border

Favorite Drink (alcoholic/non-alcoholic)
Frozen Margarita/ Diet Dr Pepper

Sweet or Salty snacks?

All time favorite movie
Oooh, this is hard. My top ten list has like 90 movies in it. How about my top three? Disney's Beauty & the Beast, Braveheart and The Replacements (with Keanu Reeves)

Best book to movie adaption
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy or Apollo 13 based on the book Lost Moon

Worst book to movie adaption
Battlefield Earth
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