Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Interview with S.J Drum/J.T. Fairfield, author of Sinful Southern Ink and Caged in Myth

1. If someone looked at your browsing history right now, what kind of
things would we find?

Oh, jeez. The search results for “tattooed cowboy”. About a hundred pages of Steampunk related rubbish. Facebook. Goodreads. Amazon Books.

2. If you could write about any subject that is near and dear to your
heart, what would it be and why?

Motherhood. If I could find a way to write a story about motherhood which wouldn’t insult the hell out of my family yet still be entertaining to readers, I’d totally do it.

3. Do you have a favorite song, album, or playlist to write to?

I’m listening to a lot of 90’s Country lately. Lame, right? Shut up! I love Jo Dee Messina and SheDaisy. I’m also really liking Pistol Annies and Miranda Lambert.

4. What was the first thing you did after the debut of the first book you wrote?

Had a nervous breakdown. Seriously. I felt like I was going to throw up and cry. It was exactly like being pregnant. Now, 3 books later, I know a book release is not (normally) a life altering event.

5. What is your biggest pet peeve?

Teenagers’ typing abbreviations. If it isn’t important enough to take the time to spell a word correctly, it probably isn’t important enough to say at all. Unless you’re stuck on an island and don’t have enough rocks to spell your entire “Help Me” message, use complete words!

6. Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Kindle books. My husband and our bank account seriously hate that little “buy now” button on my Kindle.

7. What was your favorite book as a teen?

The Old Man and the Sea by Earnest Hemingway

8. If an aspiring writer asked for advice what would you tell them?
Find an experienced critique partner, someone who isn’t a personal friend or family member, who will give you honest feedback.

9. What is the one thing that scares you more than anything else?
Spiders, bugs in general. I was a zookeeper for a few years and used to toss raw meat directly into the mouths of alligators while standing two feet away from them and THAT did not scare me as badly as finding a big bug near me.

10. What book are you reading right now?

You’re evil. I’m trying to resist reading anything right now because I have my own writing to do. Annnnd I’ve read around 200 books already this year (I read fast) so I’m thinking I need to cut back.

Optional questions :)

Favorite Meal:

I haven’t been eating much lately and nothing sounds good. My husband is stationed in Texas for six months while I’m in Ohio with our children and my appetite seems to have flew south with him.

Favorite Drink (alcoholic/non-alcoholic)
Starbuck’s Salted Caramel Latte, it’s like… a million calories worth of yummy goodness.

Sweet or Salty snacks?
Sweet. I love chocolate.

All time favorite movie

Before Sunset

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Check out my new series, The Sinful South, published through Ellora’s Cave’s PRICKED line featuring tattooed characters. Sinful Southern Ink, first in the series, released in July. Sinful Southern Hero, second in the series, is a full-length novel which should release in the Spring in paperback and e-book.

I’ve also recently released my very first LGBT Upper YA Dark Urban Fantasy, CAGED IN MYTH, under the pen name J.T. Fairfield.

*Warning! This Upper YA title contains cursing, graphic violence, and references to sex.*

The Bayou Zoo, where magic is real, the beasts are deadly, and a bad day at work can literally mean the end of the world.

Octavian Julius McKellter— “Jay” to everyone who doesn’t want a punch in the face— struggles with keeping the secrets of his supernatural community and his own secret...he's gay. Throw in a dose of danger, deceit, and Louisiana heat, and you'll find yourself CAGED IN MYTH.

Find Caged in Myth on Goodreads, Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, B&N

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