Monday, February 25, 2013

Review of Deserving of His Diamonds by Melanie Milburne


Deserving of his Diamonds by Melanie Milburne displays a range of emotions through her writing. I felt everything that the characters Emilio and Gisele were feeling and any author who has the ability to make me tear up only to have me laughing out loud moments later is truly talented. The pace of this book was just right giving the length of the novel. While I enjoyed the entire novel immensely my favorite part by far was easily the ending because all romance novels should have a happily ever after.

His not-so-perfect fiancee...Emilio Andreoni's goal is perfection: a corporate king and Italy's most eligible bachelor, he craves only one more thing to complete his phenomenally successful life - the perfect woman! Once he thought that woman was shy Gisele Carter - until her scandalous goings-on became headline news and he called off their seemingly perfect engagement. But now Emilio is faced with proof of Gisele's innocence! He's determined to win back the only woman who ever truly satisfied him, but first he must persuade Gisele she's worthy of wearing his diamonds again...Don't miss this first instalment in Melanie Milburne's The Outrageous Sisters duet!