Friday, July 26, 2013

Review of To Have and To Hold by Mackenzie Lucas

Sometimes what you see is not what you get . . .

American-born heiress Cate Cooper would never have believed her sexy, stalwart English husband Grayson could be a monster of epic proportions until he shifts into a fire-breathing dragon right in front of her eyes. After several near-miss encounters with the dragon who almost kills her, Cate traps the beast using her own magickal skills as a spellcaster and an enchanted chatelaine left to her by her grandparents. Her husband has one year to battle the dragon within before she gives up on him for good. Too bad her besieged heart doesn’t agree this is the best plan of action. Cate embarks on a journey of discovery where she must learn that sometimes what you see is not what you get and monsters come in far worse forms than fire-breathing dragons.

During the year Grayson Cooper is held captive, he fights for his life and his marriage while his best friend and legal partner, Michael James, moves in on his wife. According to the world, Grayson disappeared without a trace a year before, along with millions of dollars. Only Grayson and Cate know the truth of where he’s really been and the battle he’s waging. Grayson must earn back the love of his wife and win her trust again before a murderer who’s stalking her steals away everything he’s ever lived for and any hope they’ve ever had for a happy future together.

This is a sexy paranormal romance where rekindling passion takes on a whole new meaning.


When I began reading To Have and To Hold I was pleasantly surprised with the mix of the paranormal and a healthy dose of mystery. The character of Michael James was the perfect villain to the hero Grayson. The love that Cate and Grayson poured from the pages and I was quickly hooked. Anyone who decides to read this novella will not be disappointed. Get ready for loads of surprises and plenty of intrigue. This novella was packed with thrills and intrigue that should be on the to-be read list of all PNR fans.