Monday, July 29, 2013

Review of Lady Northam's Wicked Surrender by Vivienne Westlake

A midnight encounter between two estranged lovers rekindles a passion beyond their wildest dreams...

Rowena, Countess of Northam, is surprised to find her former suitor has returned from India and is on his way to the very house where she is staying. When he appears in her room late at night, she can only believe it is a dream. Her fantasy soon becomes reality when Simon makes every effort to seduce her.

Despite his six year absence, and the fact that Rowena married his best friend, Simon is determined to have her back now that she is a widow. It soon becomes clear that while her body craves his affections, she doesn't trust him enough to give her heart. Can Simon forget her past betrayal and convince her to surrender to the greatest love they’ve ever known?


This is the first book by Vivienne Westlake that I have read. From the beginning I was rooting for Rowena and Simon. There are some scenes that should only be read by adults age 18+. The scene in the bedroom was very steamy and sexy. The chemistry between Rowena and Simon was so genuine and I was pleased with how the author ended this story. I definitely plan on reading more books by Vivienne Westlake in the future.