Friday, February 28, 2014

Open Anthology Call for White Rabbit Anthology by Hallowed Ink Press

We are currently seeking short stories in the Young Adult and New Adult categories (all genres) that feature unusual superstitions or traditions.
“White Rabbit. White Rabbit. White Rabbit.”
On the first day of every month thousands of people say “White Rabbit”, “Rabbit”, or “bunny” three times to grant luck throughout the month, even to this day. While this odd ritual could be considered either superstition or tradition it has been honored by many families for centuries. Even famous presidents of the Unite States have admitted to honoring the superstition/tradition. Wall Street men say it for financial luck, knights in Europe for health and of course, everyday people like you and me. As the idea spread the reasoning behind the idea changed to the point where now many children in traditional families say it without understanding why (only knowing that good will come) and as the habit continues through generations the meaning is further skewed.
This unusual phenomenon sparked an idea.
Superstitions and traditions are common place but not necessarily noticed because we’ve grown so accustomed to them. So what would happen if a superstition or tradition went wrong? What if a pact had been made and as a tradition was broken that pact was broken too? What if supernatural creatures or children in the future had their own strange traditions? How strange could traditions truly get before it seemed out of place to the people doing them?
History changes like a childhood whispered game of telephone but what fascinating traditions should be listened to and which were meant to one day be broken?
White Rabbit started out as an unusual fixation and became a phenomenon. Featured in stories throughout the ages in many cases a white rabbit even became a sign of good luck or innocence. We hope to honor the strange tradition (with a bit of luck) and put together a novel featuring the unusual and unique from names both new and old.
If you would like to submit a short story for inclusion please e-mail your completed work to with ‘White Rabbit Anthology’ in the title. We ask that you send the finished story inside of the e-mail – not attached – along with a short summary of the work and biography at the top.
We will not respond to queries that do not include the completed short story.



Cover Art: Image by Raquel Neira – Typography by Emma Michaels
Cover not final:  Author names will be added to the cover after authors have been selected and signed on.
August 1st though submissions will be reviewed as they are submitted. Once the slots are full the open call has the possibility of closing early.
The superstitions or traditions used do not have to be accurate and can be fictitious. We are more fascinated with the concept of unusual traditions and superstitions than factual accuracy.
Preferred story length:
We do not plan on being very strict in this regard. We are more focused on quality than length. We would, however, suggest that all stories be in the 2,000 – 10,000 word range.
Age ranges for audience:
YA & NA only
Acceptable genres:
Time periods:
Any including and not limited to historical, modern and futuristic.
This is a royalty based anthology. All authors will be given a percentage of the earnings though no advance.
This anthology will be released in both ebook and paperback. Ebook cards may also be added overtime along with other formats.
We have an in house editor and copy editors.